Electric propulsion system with eVector technology

Designed for applications for up to 50 pounds of thrust

The eVP-50 electric propulsion systems consists of an eVector propulsor, an electronic speed controller (ESC),  high-performance folding propellers, and a uniform mount for connecting to the airframe.

Propulsor  EV-50

Lift profile 10 to 50 pounds
Maximum continuous current 68 amps/48 volts
Maximum continuous power 3300 watts
Kv rating 130
Horsepower 5
Diameter 100.08 mm (3.94 in)
Mounting pattern 4-M5 on 50mm BC
Internal resistance 0.018 ohms
Input voltage 12s to 24s
Weight 1180 gm (2.60 lb)






The electronic systems controller (ESC) is designed to uniquely optimize the performance of the eVP-50 electric propulsion system from CR Flight.

ESC  HV Pro 24s

Peak power rating 30Kw
Continuous current  200A
Continuous rating duration 180s
Burst current 300A
Burst rating duration 5s
Maximum voltage 100V
Maximum number of LiPo cells 24S
Minimum voltage 15V
Max ERPM 1,000,000
Resistance  .0015 ohms
Input resolution 12 bit (o.o2%)
Maximum operating temperature (50% current limit start point) 115C
Recommended airflow to achieve maximum power ratings 10m/s
Decoupling capacitor Not included
ESC weight (no cables) 220g
Dimensions 96x52x22mm
Input signal PWM frequency up to 500Hz

Motor de-sync protection Yes
Auto motor PWM-freq Yes
Regenerative braking Yes
Max regen current 20A (10% max set current)
Max regen voltage 110% power on voltage
Auto timing advance Yes
Stall protection Yes
Configurator tool Yes
Data logging (black box) Yes
Bi-directional control Yes
Micro USB firmware flashing Yes
RPM output Yes

  • Normal mode: Incremental + Linear power ramp control
  • Multi-rotor:  Instantaneous Input = Output Step Response
  • Heli: Soft-start for drive-train protection
  • Traction:  Same as normal except for active torque control, which applies a motor phase current limit that ramps proportionally with higher motor duty-cycles
  • Reverse:  Normal mode with reverse capabilities

Multi-rotor capabilities

  • Auto-detect ProShot or Dshot any frequency range
  • ProShot1000 capable (1Mbs/s)
  • Dshot300 to Dshot1200 capable (0.31-1.2 Mbs/s)

The eVector advantage

Greater performance through contra-rotation

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