Increased battery life

Current LiPo battery technology allows for only 15-20 minute flight times on average. Our motor uses less energy for the same thrust and speed as a standard motor thus increasing battery life.

Heavier payloads

Heavier loads require more propellers, more motor power, and more frame arms. Our motors have been measured to carry twice the payload capacity.

Lower temperature

Standard motors waste energy through internal heat. Our motors run cooler by design resulting in a more efficient system and less wear on the motor components.

Overall efficiency

Instead of designing the motor with a rigid mount, our motor is connected to the multi-rotor with a rigid slip ring that allows the motor to fully use the energy generated by both the active and reactive force in the motor.

When looking at the CR Motors, think process efficiency gain.

One motor powers two propellers

Our patented design provides nearly twice the thrust compared to the standard single prop motor.

Stator is allowed to spin counter to the rotor

Taking advantage of the counter force inherit in all electric motors, our motors access wasted in stationary mount and thus spin 25% faster as compared to standard motors under the same current load.

Plug and play design

Designed to easily replace single standard single prop motors, our motor mount fits the same footprint and without the difficulty of a double motor rig.

Enhance your UAV today

Our motors can integrate into any UAV design. Contact us to discuss your specific applications.

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