Enhance UAV performance

Gain longer flight times and heavier lift capacity


eVector from CR Flight

Greater performance through our unique contra-rotational technology

Heavier payloads

Motors with eVector technology can carry up to 2X the payload capacity than standard motors.

Thrust efficiency

eVector technology fully uses the energy generated by both the active and reactive forces.

Lower temperature

Motors with eVector technology run cooler than standard motors—with less wear on the components.

Increased battery life

eVector technology helps motors use less energy for the same thrust and speed as a standard motors.

Our unique patented contra-rotational technology significantly enhances thrust efficiency and overall performance of systems powered by an electric motor.

Far more efficient than a conventional motor

30 - 50+% greater thrust efficiency

100% increased thrust, constant duty

Made in USA

Greener solution

Longer flight times

Let's talk about how you can gain the eVector advantage