Enhance performance

Gain longer flight times and heavier lift capacity


eVector from CR Flight

High efficiency with each rotation

Our unique patented counter-rotational technology significantly enhances thrust efficiency and overall performance of propeller systems powered by an electric motor.

30 - 50% greater thrust efficiency

Up to 100% increased operating range

Runs quieter, lower noise

Zero emissions

One motor powerS two propellers

Our patented design provides nearly twice the thrust compared to the standard single prop motor.

Stator is allowed to spin counter to the rotor

eVector uses energy that's usually wasted so motors spin 25% faster than standard motors under the same current load.

Plug and play design

Designed to easily replace a standard single prop motor, our motor mount design fits the same footprint and without the difficulty of a double motor rig.

Let's talk about how you can gain the eVector advantage