Gain the eVector advantage

eVector technology delivers the performance difference

It’s about process efficiency gain

Linear thrust

Single prop creates rotational thrust. eVector technology creates linear thrust.

Cooler motor

Both rotor and armature create more air flow over the components

Reduced torque

eVector uses energy that traditional reaction forces generate from induced torque and lose in the airframe

Lower RPM

Larger propellers can be run at lower RPMs increasing efficiency and reducing noise

One motor power two propellers

Our patented design provides nearly twice the thrust compared to the standard single prop motor.

Stator is allowed to spin counter to the rotor

Motors with eVector technology use energy that’s usually wasted so they spin 25% faster than standard motors under the same current load.

Plug and play design

Designed to easily replace a standard single prop motor, the mount on motors with eVector technology fits the same footprint and without the difficulty of a double motor rig.

Let's talk about how you can gain the eVector advantage