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CR Flight develops and manufactures electric propeller propulsion systems based on its unique patented counter-rotational eVector™ technology. These products deliver significant improvement in thrust and operating range with highest reliability. The first application of this technology is in aviation.



From 2010 to 2013, the founders investigated ways to substantially increase the performance of electric motor-propeller propulsion systems for aerospace and aviation across defense, commercial, and private markets as well as other commercial industries such as commercial properties. The vision was to exploit Newton’s Third Law to enable a simple electric propulsor (motor) to drive two counter-rotating propellers. Early testing showed great promise. A key patent was awarded in 2013 and the first prototype was rendered in 2015.

Other key patents followed while the company continued simulations, prototyping and testing.  By 2019, the first eVector V-10 was introduced to the market followed by the V-20 and V-50 a year later. Ongoing testing validated the dramatic improvement in thrust, efficiency, operating performance range and cooling.


The accelerating trend toward heavy lift applications for manned and unmanned aerial vehicles demands higher performance electrical propulsion with longer flight times, enhanced cooling and higher thrust efficiency. Today’s electric propulsion technology cannot meet these requirements without liquid cooling enhancements and auxiliary fuel propulsion. The aviation industry needs eVector, a “turbo charger equivalent” for electrical motor-propeller powered aviation.

CR Flight targets the commercial UAV market segments for agriculture and cargo as well as defense. The company is working with a leading developer of a heavy lift drone for delivery of fertilizer, seed and pesticides (crop dusting). Agriculture is anticipated to be one of the earliest market segments to receive FAA certification. Warehouse to warehouse cargo needs equal performance is viewed as one of the highest growth segments in electric aviation industry. Already participating in a defense research contact award to evaluated electric propulsion, CR Flight will continue to serve the defense industry.

eVector technology

The eVector propulsor utilizes a single motor core to provide the highest power density (Kwatt/Kgrams) in the industry with best of breed electric propeller propulsion performance.

  • A 50% increase in efficiency (Kgram/Kwatt), significantly increases lift
  • A 100% increase in continuous thrust due to enhanced cooling
  • Increased reliability and maintainability – the dual contra propellers operate at 60% of the RPM of an equivalent standard electric motor, eliminating the need for exterior liquid cooling


The company markets a family of electric propulsion units (EPU) enhanced with the eVector counter-rotational technology.

Designed for applications requiring 50 pounds of continuous thrust
Lift profile 10 – 80 pounds
Size D 100 mm (3.94 in)
Weight 1180 gm (2.6 lb)
Prop size  40 – 53 in

Designed for applications requiring 20 pounds of continuous thrust
Lift profile 5 – 30 pound
SizeD 87 mm (3.43 in)
Weight 516 gm (1.14 lb)
Prop size 27 – 40 in

Designed for applications requiring 10 pounds of continuous thrust
Lift profile 3 – 15 pounds
Size  D  55.5 mm (2.19 in)
Weight  270 gm (.50 lb)
Prop size 18.5 – 27 in


The company’s leadership team represents decades of experience in business, product development and design innovation.

Henry Klyce, Chairman

Rick Pedigo, Senior Vice President

Jon Emigh, CTO

Facilities and operations

Based in Silicon Valley (California, USA), the company also maintains research and development facilities located near the beautiful foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

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