With eVector contra-rotational technology

Designed for applications for up 10 pounds of thrust

Lift profile  3 - 10 pounds [15]
Size  D 55.5 mm (2.19 in)
Weight  302 gm
Prop size  18.5 - 27 in

  • Kv configurations 170, 240 and 300
  • Voltage applications 24 to 48 volts
  • Other voltage supported
  • Designed for class 1 and class 2 air frames

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The eVector advantage

Greater performance through contra-rotation

One motor power two propellers

Our patented design provides nearly twice the thrust compared to a standard single prop motor.

Stator is allowed to spin counter to the rotor

Our motors use energy that’s usually wasted so they spin 25% faster than standard motors under the same current load.

Plug and play design

Designed to easily replace a standard single prop motor, our motor mount fits the same footprint and without the difficulty of a double motor rig.

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